I am from

I am from moonlit rivers

flowing surely in the dead of night.

I am from fields of blue

buzzing with a thousand bees.

I am from broken pastures

cows spilling into the street.

I am from summers of honeysuckle

from flags flown high.

I am from a fear of failure

and from being brave.

I am from prickly mesquites and cacti

dwarfed beneath a flood of sky.

I am from swaths of splashing stars

shining deep in the heart.

I am from the heat of asphalt

steam rising under summer showers.

I am from the wild places

and from places tame.

I am from hymns of life

and from songs unsung.

I am from mason jars of bluebonnets

gracing the table at Sunday supper.

I am from pecan pie

and family reunions under towering oaks.

I am from a mystery of being

unsolved and abundant.