Note to Self

Remember to

floss daily
change the air filters
get the oil changed
make the dentist appointment (has it really been 3 years?)
drink enough water
exercise and get your steps
balance the budget
schedule the autopay
invest in retirement
give the kids enough veggies
save for the kids’ college
bathe the dog (does he need his shots?)
keep in touch with family
do the laundry/dishes/shopping
meal plan!
donate to charity
water the plants
bring the snacks
Purple day at school
buy diapers
daily devotional
make time for self-care
make time for family
make dinner
make memories
make it happen


ALL the birthdays, anniversaries, due dates, deadlines, check-ups, check-ins, check-outs, happy hours, meetings, conferences, events, what am I forgetting…

And definitely don’t forget

the sex
the 746 passwords and PINS
to be kind
be gentle
be a model for your kids
be a good parent
be a good wife
be a good daughter
be it all

But don’t be hysterical.

…and don’t snap…


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