Beach Song

my sandy toes, your freckled nose
beer in hand, ice cold can
smooth waves rollin’, layin’ and strollin’

salt in our hair, no worries no cares
sunburned skin, soak it in
salty kiss, never miss

country tunes playin’, your hair strayin’
your pouty lips, those shakin’ hips
(let’s go for another dip!)

happy day, corn hole play
beach volleyball, gotta love it all
summer air, love so fair

castles of sand, lend me a hand
sun bathing, ocean waving
crunchy snacks, lotioned backs

red lips, beer sips
kites flyin’, ice cream buyin’
seagulls callin’, I think I’m fallin’

sinking sun, day’s done
sun’s fallin’, I’m callin’
I think I’m fallin’ in love.

One thought on “Beach Song

  1. Ummmmm, summertime can’t come soon enough! We will be at Sea Rim State Park in one month! Can’t wait!!

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