Grateful, Day Whatever

I don’t know what day of gratefulness this is because I forgot I was doing this.

1) Sunshine. But the spring kind of sunshine, not the tortuous Texas-in-August sunshine. I like it when it is warm but doesn’t remind me that the ozone layer is a doily and I’m ten seconds away from bursting into flames.

2) Indoor plumbing. I suffer from a small bladder, requiring I get up on average 25 times during the night to blindly navigate my way through the dark cavern of my hallway to the bathroom. Glad that trek is not half a mile out into the woods.

3) Movies with strong female leads. I saw Insurgent Friday night and, while I was not a huge fan of the gagging sobs of Shailene Woodley, her “I can kick anyone’s ass” vibe was pretty on point.

Sheesh. Rereading those things makes me realize I’m sort of a pretentious privileged piece of something. I don’t have to spend 12 hours a day in that grueling sunshine picking produce for someone else’s table. I don’t have to urinate in public streets because no one will let me use their restroom. And I can afford a $15 3D movie (every now and then). Lord, in your mercy. We need some help down here.

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