Self-Care Day

Today is Friday, and I’m off from work because of this crazy schedule where every single week looks different from the week before. So I have decided to make it a mental health/ self-care day.

I slept in until a little after 8. That’s almost a full hour more than usual. I remember the days when I could sleep until 1 or 2 in the afternoon, but those days are no more. I’m not sad about it. I find myself kind of starting to like morning-time. It’s bright, but quiet. The rising sun shines through the bare trees bordering my back fence. I got out of bed and wrapped myself in my pink fluffy robe, the one Stephan hates because he thinks it makes me look like a granny, and sat out on the back deck while the dogs took care of their morning business. Then I decided to make tea.

I used one of my pretty Anthropologie mugs that’s usually just a kitchen decoration because why not? I put the kettle on and prepared my English breakfast tea with some organic honey from a farmer’s market in Memphis. Then I put some canned biscuits in the oven. I briefly contemplated the idea of making my own biscuits, but decided it wasn’t worth the mess this time around. Then I enjoyed a biscuit slathered in raspberry jam and some fresh strawberries with my tea. The joy of eating can be an incredibly holy experience when you’re mindful of each bite as providing you with life-giving sustenance.

Now I’m sitting at the dining room table, my beautiful antique table with the sqeaky but newly reupholstered chairs, covered in a fiesta-inspired table cloth with bright reds, yellows, greens, and oranges. There is a gorgeous piece of handmade pottery from Mexico we received as a wedding gift sitting in the middle of the table, filled with candy from a special invitation I received from my brother-in-law’s fiancee to be a bridesmaid in their upcoming wedding. The house around me is a little disheveled, or “lived-in” as I say when I’m trying to be kind to myself. And today is a day all about kindness to myself. So the house is lived-in and homey.

Today is full of opportunities for mindfulness and intentional living. I plan on meeting Stephan this afternoon at his new job for lunch. We don’t get to enjoy lunch together very often now that we are both working full-time. After that I might spend some time working on my novel, go for a jog as I start training for my next race, practice some yoga in the backyard with the dogs licking my face, and/or give myself a nice mani-pedi. I’m also going to spend time this evening reading scripture and praying in preparation for my steadily approaching commissioning interviews.

Today is a day I will practice loving myself, knowing that the more practice I put into it, the more natural it becomes. You should try it!

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