Grateful Day 4

1) Hands. My own and others. For the authentic intimacy that occurs when I bless another’s hands with anointing oil. For all the work that hands do to bring the Kingdom of God closer.

2) Coconut scented lotion. For a thank you gift for teaching a patient care class on spirituality this afternoon, I received Bath and Body Works’ “Oahu Coconut Sunset” lotion and it makes me feel like I’m on a tropical island.

3) New relationships. I’m beginning a new relationship with a new CPE supervisor for the second unit. We met for the first time today and I think we continue to learn about ourselves and about who we are in the world, which makes it a pretty good relationship in my book.

My good memory from the last 24 hours is actually from the last 2 hours. I led the patient care technician students in an hour long didactic in spirituality in the workplace. I ended by doing a short blessing of hands service. One woman was so touched she cried. It helped me to remember that something that may seem everyday and mundane to me can connect with someone else in ways I cannot even begin to know. I’m thankful that God works through us to reach each other.

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