Grateful Day 3

Today I am grateful for:

1) Rain. The soft patter in the morning that makes it oh-so-hard to get out of bed. The hard pounding on the tin roof of the car port as I make my way to my car. The soft haze of fog and mist as I look out the window of the hospital, making everything seem gentle today.

2) Hands. I’m teaching a class on spirituality in the workplace this afternoon with the new patient care technician students. I plan on leading a blessing of hands with them. The work of hands in the hospital is so life-giving and beautiful it makes my heart hurt.

3) Nurses. All of them, but especially today the ones that take the time to look me in the  eye and have a conversation in a busy hallway when there are a thousand other things they could be doing.

Yesterday I took a shower and I shaved. I know I’m supposed to be all “smash the patriarchy” and “hair rules.” And I am if that’s your gig. Yay armpit hair and extra points for wacky colors! But when that razor glides over my legs and under my arms, the relief of smoothness is so relaxing. After showering I slathered myself in aloe lotion, covered my face in expensive clinique products I got for Christmas, put on a new pair of soft pajamas I got at TJMaxx for $7, and slid into a newly made bed with fresh clean sheets. It was my self-care and it was glorious.

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