I am grateful.

A CPE colleague of mine recently shared in our small group that she has begun a certain spiritual practice to begin her days and help her transition into the new year. This practice is to write down three things she is thankful for, and one good memory from the past 24 hours. I thought to myself, “I should do that.” So I’m doing that.

Today I am very thankful for many things, but these three top the list right now.

1) Heat/Housing. With the temps being in the single digits in Nashville, I am incredibly grateful for the roof I have over my head and the heat I have coming out of the vents at home, in the car, and at work. So many people do not have such simple luxuries and are fighting for their lives on these cold winter nights. But I recognize that in order to be a responsible person of faith, I must do more than be grateful and strive for all human beings to have their basic needs met. I’m especially reminded of this when I remember that cold can kill.

2) My husband. He’s just the best thing ever. He’s like my own personal ongoing miracle that just keeps happening every day.

3) Parenthood. (The show. I hope one day to be thankful for parenthood the occupation, but today is not that day.) It returns tonight for the last 4 episodes of the series. Maybe it’s stupid to be thankful for a network television show, but this show has fostered untold wonders for me over the past few years. It imitates my life, or my life imitates it. It reveals truths about my experience as an individual, as a daughter/sister/cousin/granddaughter/family member, as a complex person just trying to live life fully in this world of joy and pain. So I’m thankful for Parenthood. And for crying ever. single. episode.

Last night I heated up a frozen pizza. S and I each started out with 3 slices. When I finished, I was still hungry, and S let me have the last 2 slices. That’s a good memory from the last 24 hours.


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