Vegetarian Saga – The Halfway Point

October 17th.

I have existed as a vegetarian for 17 straight days in a row. No animal muscles for me, no siree.

I’ve even been careful about staying away from anything potentially meaty, like chicken or beef broth. Did you know Ramen Noodles lists “powdered chicken” in their spice pack ingredients? Can we all agree the phrase “powdered chicken” is disgusting?

The only encounter with meat I have had that left me SUPER bummed out was when I ordered turnip greens from Cracker Barrel. I was so excited. I love those green bundles of joy. But when I got them they were totally tainted with the flesh of pork and were completely inedible.

Y’all, pigs are smarter than a three year old child. Why on earth would you eat something with the intelligence of your three year old child?

Okay, I miss bacon, I admit it.

Otherwise, things are looking good on the 31-day vegetarian front.

But my friend N just informed me that they are selling chicken fried steak on a stick at the Predators games this season, so you better believe that’s where I’m heading in November. I just HAVE to try that.


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