Since my last post, I have returned to Nashville from Vegas, and have since been caught up in a twister.

My feet have not touched solid ground since that plane ride home. (I mean that metaphorically of course. I do a LOT of walking around campus, scurrying like a chipmunk from library to class to hospital to class to parking garage to starbucks etc. etc. Speaking of which, where are the chipmunks? Where do they go during the winter? When will they be back? A few months ago, while it was still fall and somewhat pleasant out, I actually kicked a chipmunk. Literally. Not on purpose. I was walking down the steps next to the library and a little furry body scuttled out from under a bush directly into my footpath. I happened to be looking down as I walked [a habit developed out of my shy nature and secret fear I might see someone I know and have to talk to them] and kicked the little thing down the rest of the steps. It seemed shaken but scurried off. I think it’s ok.)

Back to the twister metaphor. I am spinning in circles, making erratic jerks forward, backward, to the left and right, not really feeling like I’m making much progress in any particular direction.

I decided a few weeks ago that it was time to get serious about these last few weeks of class. I made a list of all of my due dates. I counted 18 papers to complete in 35 days. After I picked my heart up off the floor, I decided I didn’t need to get serious, I just needed to do some stretching, make some coffee, and read Anne Lamott.

Is it spring yet?

One sad thing about living in Nashville is that spring is painfully beautiful. This would not be a problem if it would happen a little at a time and last a little longer. But it seems like everything bursts open and into full bloom at once, dances in the sunlight and makes you want to cry for approximately one week, then everything turns solid green and stays that way until fall. Spring is too short to call itself a season. It’s more like garden party. Then it’s back to the real world.

It feels good to write. I didn’t even think I was going to this morning. I keep telling myself, “tomorrow, tomorrow,” until I look up and suddenly it’s April. I still have photos from Vegas to post. I still have a million updates regarding my progress on my 25 list. But all of that can wait. Till tomorrow. Or whenever this twister of life let’s me off for another minute or so.

Cheers to you good friend.

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