Red Rock Canyon

I am in Las Vegas!ImageAs an aspiring United Methodist Church young clergy person, I am attending a conference here in Vegas today, tomorrow, and Saturday. The Relevance/LEAD conference is at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas and is geared towards equipping young adult clergy and lay leaders for effective young adult ministry. I am looking forward to a weekend full of learning and fellowship, and bringing back this wonderful knowledge to my home congregation.

Another amazing thing about this trip is that my very good friend from high school, L, and her husband have been living here in Vegas for the past few years, and I have not seen her in all that time. So I’m spending valuable and precious time with her exploring the local Vegas hangouts. It is a much needed respite from the current stress of my “real” life.

One of the places we explored yesterday was Red Rock Canyon in the Mojave Desert.Image(See the tiny people in the bottom right corner? This formation is HUGE!)

We spent close to three hours driving along the 13 mile route, stopping every few miles to get out and hike the trails. We couldn’t have asked for better weather in February. I wore a t-shirt and some yoga pants and was quite comfortable. This landscape is one of the most awe-inspiring places I have been to.

Which brings me to my February “Pic of the Month.” For this month’s awesome place, I choose the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. (

Here are some more pics of the scenery and my mad climbing skills…ImageImageImage

Today we are planning on going down to the Strip, so be looking for more pictures tomorrow!

As always, cheers to you today and everyday!


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