I just cannot stop browsing through Kalyn’s blog.

(Here’s the link in case you missed it last time:

She has inspired me to be brave. So I’m posting a poem I wrote several years ago. When I look back through old poetry, I often feel the need to change this or that, or just delete it all together. But this one has stuck with me. Will you leave a comment and tell me what you think of it?

The Zoo Keeper

I refuse to move for the ever-present fear

of losing you.

I must remain a statue, aching from solidity.

You are the bird that perches upon my head,

ever prepared to soar

away in the blink of an eye.

The ocean sways in the storm above us.

But we swim unperturbed in the darkness below.

The grandfather clock chimes two in the morning.

You snap my image with your Nikon.

I laugh into my coffee cup.

You pinch my foot.

We keep on swimming.

You are the pillow that suffocates my sleep.

Clog my nostrils, stifle my breath.

I can taste the fibers of the expensive thread count,

a taste of captivity

always associated with you, the zoo keeper.


Heck, while I’m at it, might as well share a silly haiku. Haikus are fun and easy and sometimes powerful (not necessarily mine, but you know, the good ones). I wrote this one last semester while feeling bored in a lecture.

I love to write haik-

(Damn.) Now I begin again.

Or maybe later.

Pretty much sums up my forever struggle with writing!

Peace to you friend.


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