January, why you leave so fast?

Today is the last day of January.


Have I made a new friend this month? (I’m racking my brains, trying to rewind the month like a youtube video in my head… and I can’t think of one. That means I have to talk to a stranger today. Ok, now I’m nervous.)

Have I taken one photo of one awesome place? NO!

I have exactly 15 hours left to do both of these things. Can I do it? Yes. Will I do it? I don’t know! I think I need a pep talk:

Kid President, I think you just stole my heart. Why cry about it when I can dance about it?! In fact, while I’m at it, I think I’m going to start training for the April half tonight! And maybe I’ll go shopping for my vegetarian diet! (Whoa there, I think that pep talk got me a little too peppy. One step at a time, Shelby, one step at a time.)

But yes, I can make a friend today. And I can take a photo of an awesome place. I’m surrounded by them here in Nashville. But how to choose!? I guess you’ll find out tomorrow!


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