21 Days Later

I just sent off my first letter for the year 2013!


Technically it is the second piece of mail I sent, the first being my brother’s birthday card. But that one just said “Happy Birthday, here’s a check.” I don’t think it counts.

The January letter to my friend C, the same C from my last post. Hope she gets it soon!


Caveat: On my original, handwritten list (the one I thought I lost on the car ride home from Texas and thus created a new one from memory, as seen in Post 1), had an important item on it that I forgot to include in the revised edition. That would be to write one letter to a different person each month. So even though it didn’t make the final cut, I still thought it might be a good idea to try and keep up with such an admirable communication goal!

And therefore…

This calls for a celebration!



Cheers 🙂

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